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National Claim Pro's (NCP) is an independent insurance adjusting company handling property and liability claims. Our corporate headquarters are located in Jefferson City MO.  Our in-house and remote staff of licensed professionals perform a variety of insurance adjustments, investigations and appraisal for the property and casualty carriers throughout the entire US.

      Since its founding in 2015, NCP has been committed to providing a  superior product to the insurance industry. Our business decisions are based on a commitment to the value and integrity of our staff, the accuracy and depth of  our reporting, and the efficiency of our value added systems.

      Our staff is composed of highly trained licensed insurance professionals and inspectors, many with specialty certifications.  We pride ourselves on our strong work force and on demand service.  This includes a wide range of experts in the related fields of building construction, fire and water damage, environmental contamination, cause and origin investigations and  

workers' compensation.   


About Us

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We love our clients and pride ourselves on professionalism in every aspect of our job.  We have a Co-Op of over 200 adjusters ready to serve our clients needs.  From Catastrophe deployment to daily clams we can help with all your needs.  Our Property & Casualty Adjusters are all trained to the highest of industry standards and can take on all claims small and large.

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From Daily Claims to Catastrophe deployments we have inspectors and Adjusters on standby and respond to any claim in less than 48 hours.  Our Adjusters partner together to utilize synergies and reduce waste in the claims process.  We started our lean journey and have found great value in detailing our process and utilizing best practice in the field and in the office.

The New Normal


IA Firms and Carriers partner with our majority veteran work force to deliver superior results.  We pride ourselves on bringing our troops into service in the insurance industry.  We are always recruiting great military and civilian talent.  We are a Veteran owned company and we are proud to serve our community as we did our country.


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If you have questions about claims handling or working with NCP reach out to us and one of our staff will be happy to assist.

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