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Ever want to get into a recession proof industry that will allow you to control your income and work where you want, when you want? National Claim Pro's (NCP) is an independent insurance adjusting firm that is designed to train, mentor and hire new adjusters.  If you have ever desired to get into one of the best and least known independent careers then get started working with us today.  There is no other program that is equal to ours.  If you want guaranteed success in this industry then NCP is your ONLY choice.   Ready to work with the best program in the industry?


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Why work with us?  Well quite simply you can go it alone or work with us and get guaranteed placement.

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Guaranteed success, whats it worth to you?  There is no price tag on life!  Our team will design your new career for you!



We are the only company in the US that offers our unique services.  We have developed a plug and play network for all of our students.