We are always looking for new talent to add to our program.  Our approach to your training and placement will guarantee your success.  We have a client network with over over 200 vendors, we will get you the training you need and partner you with our network to achieve your financial goals. If you meet the basic requirements and feel like you want to make a career change then review the information below and get started in a new career today. 


When you come into our network of vendors you are guaranteed to get started in this electric industry.  We are looking for unique talent who is willing to accept change!  From customer service, IT and field services this is an industry where you can leverage many talent's.  The fact is we need you, and if you ever wanted to make a change and take control of your future then the time in now!  


Having over 70 million  households in the united states.  7% of these homes file a claim every year.  This fact is that is equal to 533 claims per hour.   Every person in the united states has some form of insurance, its the law.  Every year the insurance industry employs over 2,3 million people nationwide.  And there is a huge industry shift to remote independent positions


There are so many options to earn money as an adjuster from 1099 to W2 employee.  The annual pay for a staff adjuster ranges from 40K to 70K.  The average income for an independent is 60k to 120K.  25% of this industry will retire next year creating 400K new positions before 2020.  The industry is making so many advancements and rapidly changing allowing for you to enter a once coveted and guarded industry. 

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